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Pansexual crazy woman!
Age 30 From Gillett, Pennsylvania - Online - 2 weeks ago
Woman Seeking A Man

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I Can Speak  
I Would Describe Myself As  
I had written a long thing in this box, but then the entire thing just disappeared, so I will try again!

First off, I am pansexual and slightly annoyed that you can only pick one gender that you are interested in.

My number one thing that I want to make sure that you know is that I have several chronic heart conditions. Due to that, I have a rather odd living arrangement. My mom is my full-time caregiver, so we live together. My ability to be independent changes on a daily basis depending on everything from the weather outside to not having eaten enough salt that day. On the plus side, I am ridiculously flexible and can put myself into some very insane positions.

As for my personality, I love to travel and I adore trying new things. If I could, I would spend my life in full formal skirts and corsets. Or dressed like a pirate. I love faerie festivals and Renaissance fairs.

I am a tabletop gamer and I love RPG's. I don't get to play Pathfinder anywhere near as often as I would like to. I really enjoy board games as well and would love to be able to play every game in existence before I die.

I am a massive reader and currently own more books than I actually have room for. I love everything from ghost stories to fantasy to true crime. If I find a subject that I'm very interested in, I will write a research paper for myself alone just for the fun of it.

I greatly enjoy answering questions, so if there is anything about me that you would be interested in knowing, please send me a message!

Appearance & Situation

My Body Type Is  
Big And Beautiful
My Height Is  
5' 9 (1.75 m)
My Eyes Are  
My Ethnicity Is  
My Marital Situation Is  
Never Married
I Have Kids  
I Want Kids  
Not Sure
My Best Feature Is  
Body Art  
Pierced... But Only Ear(s), Scarred, Visible Tattoo
My Hair Is  
I Have One Or More Of These  
Cat, Dog
Willing To Relocate  

More About You

Which is your favorite television series?  
The Next Generation
What is your favorite movie?  
Star Trek Reboot
Who is your favorite captain?  
Jean-Luc Picard
What is your favorite faction?  
Have you ever attended a Star Trek Convention?  
Do you speak Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol)?  
Who is your favorite villain?  
Khan (Cumberbatch version) and the Borg Queen are tied currently.


My Education Level Is  
Some College
My Current Employment Status Is  
My Speciality Is  
My Job Title Is  
Permanently Disabled
At Home  
It Gets A Bit Crazy Sometimes
I'm A Smoker  
I Drink  
Yes - Socially


My Social Behavior Is  
Observant, Friendly, Fire Starter, Outgoing, Dark, Strange
My Interest And Hobbies Are  
Reading, Arts & Crafts, Learning, Music, Tv, Movies, Internet, Games, Theater, Travel, Cars, Playing Cards
My Idea Of A Great Time Is  
Hanging Out With Friends, Staying At Home, Trying New Things, The Movies, Relaxing, Sleeping, Reading A Book, Playing Dress-up, Tv, Going To A Concert, Going To A Museum
An Ideal First Date Would Be  
Something different. As much fun as dinner or something like that can be, I think it would be more fun doing something like going to an Escape Room. Maybe do a run of Cards Against Humanity or Pandemic.
I've Always Wanted To Try  
There are so many things that I've always wanted to do! Since it's something my sister and I have been talking about trying in the near future, I'm going to say doing an escape room at some point. Preferably in the near future.
My Friends Describe Me As Being  
Friendly, Cool, Raunchy, Goofy


My Religion Is  
I Attend Services  
On Holidays
My Political Views Are  
My Goal In Life Is  
to be happy and to have a positive impact on as many people as I can. I truly hope that every person I meet is slightly happier for having met me. Even if it's just the joy you get from smiling at someone.
My Kind Of Humor Is  
Campy, Dry / Sarcastic, Friendly, Goofy, Obscure, Slapstick, Raunchy


On Tv, I Always Watch  
Documentaries, Dramas, Movies
My Top 3 Tv Shows Are  
Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Sherlock
When I Go To The Movies, I Always Go To See A  
Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Family, Animation, Horror, Thriller
My Top 3 Movies Are  
Boondock Saints 2, Best Men, Shrek
When Listening To Music, I Always Listen To  
Country, Rock, Metal, Pop, New age, Dance, Reggae, Folk, Punk
My Top 3 Musical Artists Are  
Christian Kane, Omnia, Voltaire
When I Read, I Always Read  
News, Ancient, Fantasy, Fiction, History, Horror, Mystery, Reference, Science Fiction, I'm An Author, Supernatural
My Top 3 Books Are  
Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and Acorna
My Idea Of Fun Is  
There are so many things that are fun! What a horrible thing to ask someone to narrow down what fun is! My current idea of fun is dancing around in my kitchen with music blaring, singing along at the top of my lungs while making macaroni and cheese.

Looking for

What Do You Find Attractive?  
Wit, Flirtatiousness, Spontaneity, Oddities, Boldness, Sensitivity, Empathy, Great Skills, Humor, Good Looks, Thoughtfullness, Intelligence
What Do You Look For?  
I look for someone that can make me smile. Someone who isn't cruel simply for the sake of making someone sad. I love the idea of someone pulling into my driveway and saying "Pack enough clothes for three days, we're going to Baltimore!" I love just being randomly random. It's thrilling and can be amazing.
What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking?  
Internet Buddy, Friend, Date, Intimate, Committed, Other, Doesnt Matter